Weber Spirit II
May 22, 2018 Editor

“Entertaining at Home” is the New “Going Out.”

Here’s one of the hottest new trends that best friends are sharing with each other.

Which of these two invitations would you rather receive?

A) Being invited over to join a great group of friends or family to enjoy a “grilled to perfection” BBQ complimented with mouth-watering, flavourful side-dishes, your favourite refreshments and the chance to have interesting and intriguing conversations with people you enjoy being with.


B) Fighting traffic to go out to a busy bar, finding a parking spot that doesn’t cost a small fortune, a menu of so-so food, and the only conversations you can have is shouting over the blaring techno-music just for a chance to be heard.

Need some help deciding which invitation to pick?

It’s easy thanks to Len’s new “Pick of the Month.” 

Introducing the new for 2018 Weber Spirit II series of gas grills, available in two or three burner models in your choice of four bold and trendy colours including sapphire, red, black and ivory. 

These are not your Grandpa’s old-fashioned plain vanilla style BBQ’s.

Your friends will be simply amazed. One of the first things they’ll ask you is… Where did you get this cool looking BBQ and how can I get one?”

That’s just the start of the conversations.

Wait until they see how easy it is to provide a flavourful dinner that is absolutely “grilled to perfection.” 

Whether you’re looking for a unique Father’s Day Gift or if you’re just starting out with your new home, then Len’s “Pick of the Month” is perfect. You’ll have something that’s not only unique and different but will contribute to easy and delicious meals your friends will just rave about.

Whatever colour of the new Weber Spirit II gas grill you desire, Len and his friendly Home Hardware staff are here to help get you grilling! Spirit II will sell out quickly, so don’t miss out

Get yours today at Pollock’s Home Hardware, your neighborhood Hardware Store in the GTA…just down the block.  For features and details on the Weber Spirit II check-out our BBQ website and our Weber Spirit II selection.


Key Fob Remotes
Apr 20, 2018 Editor

When you least expect it ...???

There are two laws you’ll encounter when everything seems to be going right and when things are just waiting to go wrong:

Murphy’s Law:

  1. Nothing is as easy as it looks.
  2. Everything takes longer than you expected.
  3. If anything can go wrong, it will at the worst possible moment.

Len’s Law:

  1. Trust is built by doing the right things and then doing things right
  2. Just Like Cream…Great Products and Great Work and Service will always rise to the top.
  3. Price is what you pay but Excellent Value is what you deserve to receive

Here’s Murphy’s Law in action.

You’ve spent hours at work, it’s dark and pouring rain and everyone else has gone home, your significant other is holding dinner, but you can’t find your keys – and then you see them – inside your locked car, lying on the front seat and no spare.

What are you wishing for?  If only I had a duplicate key fob remote!

That’s Murphy’s Law in Action – when you least expect it and at the worst possible time.

If you had chosen to follow “Len’s Law” – here’s what you would have done.

Call Len and make an appointment to take advantage of Len’s Pick-of-the-Month – a duplicate key fob remote that makes sure you’ll never fall prey to Murphy’s Law.

You’ll get the entire installation done and save up to 60% or more, compared to what you might pay at some dealerships.  And our key fobs look exactly the same as your original fob.

Don’t wait for “Murphy”.

Call or Come by today - Pollocks Home Hardware, your neighborhood Hardware Store in the GTA…just down the block.

Want to learn more,  check out our Key Fob Remote page 


The Ultimate Whizz Mop
Mar 19, 2018 Editor

What’s one of the things that everyone hates about cleaning?

It’s the cause of having your hands dry out, getting rough, chapped and even a bit raw and painful.

You guessed it…having your hands get wet because you have to deal with dirty mop water when you need to clean floors with multiple surfaces including wood, laminate, tile, ceramic and vinyl…what a job!

Here’s how to give your hands the break they deserve.

Introducing Len’s Pick of the Month – the Ultimate Whizz Mop that lets you mop up without ever having to touch dirty mop water.  Best of all, you’ll never have to wear those rubber gloves again to try and keep your hands soft and dry.

But wait…here’s more…

Your Ultimate Whizz Mop is so easy to use in corners and tight spaces, fits easily under furniture, appliances and more.

Here’s why your hands stay clean and dry.

With a simple twist of the handle, the Whizz wringer wrings out the dirty mop water, leaving floors cleaner and drier. (Say that fast 3 times…Whizz Wringer Wrings.)

Simply touch a button and your Ultimate Whizz Mop is always ready when you are.

The Machine washable micro-fibre pad is super absorbent and is great for thorough cleaning, removing stains and even picking up pet hair.

You won’t be pulling out your hair again because you’ve got to mop those floors – Let your Ultimate Whizz Mop do the dirty work. And don’t forget to pick up a couple of extra, easy to change, Whizz Mop pads.

So, when you need to clean up those accidental spills, your Ultimate Whizz Mop is always ready to go.

Len and his friendly Home Hardware staff have an Ultimate Whizz Mop with your name on it – it’s yours for only $24.95 at Pollock’s Home Hardware, your neighborhood Hardware Store in the GTA…just down the block.

Watch and learn more with the Whizz Mop videocall or visit Len's store . 



Introducing Len’s New Pick-of-The-Month
Feb 9, 2018 Editor

How Even a 63-year old Grandmother can safely split firewood and kindling without an axe. (And her 10-year old grandson can safely do the same.)

Len has discovered a new product that is so amazing and in high demand, you almost have to see it to believe it – it’s that good.

If you’ve ever tried to split wood or kindling using an axe, you know how dangerous and scary that can be. Even trying to use a set of gloves to protect your hands and fingers from a life-changing injury from an axe blade, can be “too little…too late.”

Imagine, have you ever watched someone trying to hold a log in one hand and swinging down with a sharp axe with the other hand…ouch…never a good idea.

Now for the Good News….

Len’s “Pick-of-the-Month” is the “Revolutionary Award-Winning Invention” from New Zealand – “The Kindling Cracker” – the safest, easiest and quickest way to split Logs and kindling for any safely contained wood fire. This includes a pizza oven, chip heater, brazier, fireplace or any fire-pit at a camp site, cottage or cabin.

Now you can easily start those indoor or outdoor fires safely and naturally.

Anywhere the “Kindling Cracker” has been made available to purchase, they have sold out within hours or just a day or two. Made from Cast iron and imported from the foundry in Australia – the “Kindling Cracker is virtually maintenance free and will last for years.

This amazing invention - created by Ayla Hutchinson, a 17-year old young lady from New Zealand, has now won numerous “Outstanding Invention Awards.” The design is so efficient and creatively simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

Here’s your amazing offer from Len’s New Pick-of-the Month.

The Kindling Cracker every-day pricing is $130 to $145 or more. But and only until quantities last, Len is making these fantastic units available for $99 - first come, first served. There really is no time to lose – if you wait – you could be disappointed – because they’ll all be gone.

Want proof? Check out the online reviews of the “Kindling Cracker” from the thousands of very, very happy users who can now make all the Kindling they will ever use…safely, easily and quickly without ever having to use an axe again. (When they count their fingers – they’ll all still be there.)

The “King of Kindling” is now available in limited quantities at Pollocks Home Hardware – your neighborhood hardware store in the GTA.

Give Len a call at 416-535-1169 or visit Pollocks at 347 Roncesvalles  Ave. and get your Kindling Cracker while supplies last. 

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