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Dec 26, 2015 Editor

Sand, salt, deicers, ice melters and volcanic ash will keep your family and friends from falling at your home this winter. Ice can easily hide under a light dusting of snow. Just because you don’t see the ice doesn’t mean it’s not there and waiting for unsuspecting footfalls.

Before a storm or freeze hits, stock up on sand, salt, deicers, ice melters or volcanic ash and keep your walkways and driveways free of ice and snow. Here are tips on when to use sand, salt, deicers, ice melters or even volcanic ash.


Applying sand to walkways that have lots of cracks is an affordable solution to using salt.  One of the drawbacks of sand is bringing it inside on shoes and boots and creating a messy floor.

If you have lots of cracks in your walkways, it is best to use sand.  Cracked walkways can result in salt melting ice and filling cracks with water.  When the water turns back to ice it can create larger cracks.

Winter Salt

When using Pollocks-Home-Hardware-Sifto-Saltrock salt make sure you clear your walkways before the temperature drops.  Winter salt only works well if temperatures are above -7 ੦ C  or 20 ੦ F.  At lower temperatures, sand and volcanic ash provide better traction but won’t remove the ice.


Deicers and Ice Melters

Ice Melters and deicers are top performing products that last and work at -31੦ C / -24 ੦ F.

Use deicers and ice melters when you have flagstone and interlocking stones, but no cracks. Deicers will not damage the finish on interlocking bricks and stones found in driveways and walkways. 

If you apply ice melter on a frequent basis there will be run-off from the driveway or sidewalk which can cause harm to bordering lawns or vegetation. Ice melters should never be applied to first year concrete or applied to wood decks, brick sidewalks, patios or relatively new, non-wood decking material.

Natural Ice Melters

It is best to use melters and deicers that are natural and  fertilizer based.

Fertilizer based natural ice melters, such as Groundworks Natural Icemelter is pet safe, safe around children, safe on lawns and landscaping and safe on concrete.  When you shovel snow that has been applied with natural, fertilizer ice melt you are actually fertilizing your lawn and shrubs.

Volcanic Ash

An eco-friendly alternative to salt and deicers is EcoTraction made from volcanic ash.  EcoTraction delivers safety without damaging concrete and other infrastructure. It actually benefits lawns and gardens.  It has been proven to provide better traction than sand and is instant traction during a dangerous ice storm and freezing rain.  EcoTraction embeds itself into ice and snow for long-lasting traction and it has no working temperature limitations like winter salt, deicers or ice melts.

At all times remove the snow from your walkways and driveways.  If you are not removing snow,  then when the snow melts,  you end up with thicker ice.

Pollocks Home Hardware has the right sand, salt, deicers, ice melters or volcanic ash product to keep your family and guests from ice slips and falls during the Winter season.

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