The HEFT™ Ergonomic Auxiliary Handle

The HEFT™ Ergonomic Auxiliary Handle


The HEFT™ is the fastest and easiest attaching ergonomic auxiliary handle for long shaft tools.

As seen on The Dragon’s Den, Marco Longley and his wife Anne are the inventors of The HEFT™.   A bicycle accident followed by back surgery led Marco on a quest to invent a solution for his health challenge when shoveling snow.  In 2008,  Marco turned his garage into a workshop,  learned how to weld and created lots of prototypes.  Through trial and error,  Marco’s  “aha” moment came with a suggestion from Anne and the patented locking collar was born.  In 2013 Dave Chilton of “the Wealthy Barber” and Dragon’s Den fame joined forces with Marco and Anne.

Use Your Snow Shovels with More Comfort & Power!

The first few times you use The HEFT™ , it will feel different.  The HEFT™ is specifically designed to ease your heavy lifting, not the “loading” of the shovel. Once the shovel is loaded, the magic of The HEFT™  happens – instead of bending over and grabbing the tool shaft near the blade to lift,  grasp the handle of The HEFT™.  You will notice immediately that you are almost 12 inches more upright – more comfortable and with far more “throwing power” than without The HEFT™ .

With The HEFT™, you are now more ergonomically positioned, using more of your much stronger leg muscles and less of your comparatively weak lower back muscles. For snow shovels and spades, the closer The HEFT™ is positioned to the load (the blade end) the better.

The HEFT™  is the fastest attaching and easiest to use auxiliary handle, making almost any long shaft tool more ergonomic – reducing pain, fatigue and potential injury.

Here are four incredible benefits why all homeowners need to own The HEFT™


By attaching The HEFT™ to long shaft winter and garden tools like snow shovels, garden spades and rakes, the tool instantly becomes ergonomic due to the position of The HEFT™, which results in a more upright position of the user. Ergonomic tools are proven to reduce pain and fatigue as well as lessen the chance of serious injury to the user.

User Friendly

The HEFT™ has NO moving parts to pinch fingers; NO tools required for attachment; NO nuts, bolts, washers or screws to lose and it’s fast – attaching or detaching in just a few seconds. The HEFT™ takes up very little room and can easily be hung up in the garage along with other tools, making it one of the most versatile products available – one you’ll use year round.

Multi-Tool Application

The  HEFT™ moves rapidly from one long shaft tool to the next in seconds and is very easy to use. The HEFT™  works on most shaft diameters of 1 to 1.4 inches.  The 88 year old Mom of inventor Marco Longley uses HEFT™ on some of her hand-gardening tools because it extends her reach by 14 inches, without which she’d be unable to garden.

Cost Effective

By using The HEFT™ , consumers don’t need to spend big bucks replacing their old long shaft tools with brand new, expensive ergonomic shovels or rakes. Save the money and just twist on a The HEFT™ !

Why spend $100’s of dollars to buy new ergonomically correct tools? All you really need is The HEFT™  .  Available exclusively at Home Hardware stores across Canada.  At $19.97,  The HEFT™  is a great Christmas gift and a must for every homeowner.

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